Earthshot Prize 2021

Do you have a brilliant IDEA to improve the environmental footprint of our practice?

Last Updated: 04/06/2021

Earthshot Prize 2021

The team here at Nightingale Valley Practice are keen to make your and our practice somewhere that treads lightly upon the planet. The NHS is one of the largest public sector emitters of greenhouse gases in the world as healthcare interventions are surprisingly carbon intensive. If you have an idea that could help with this, we are keen to work with you to make it happen. Recycling, prescribing with a low carbon footprint, healthier journeys to the practice, saving energy work with us to implement your idea. Entries are open to patients registered with the practice and staff or students working at the practice. We are looking for ideas that most improve the environmental impact of our practice. The ideas must be implemented and evaluated to make a genuine practical difference.


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