Medical Students

The Practice has medical students from Bristol University on a frequent basis. This can involve them sitting in with a Doctor during a surgery or possibly seeing people before they see the Doctor. Of course all the Doctors are happy if patients decide they would rather not see a student. Please let reception know when you arrive. We also tell everyone when they book an appointment that a student is present.

GP Registrars

Nightingale Valley Practice currently have 4 GP registrars.  The GP registrar is a qualified Doctor who works in practice for a period before becoming a GP. At the end of the year we aim for them to be fully qualified and competent to work as a GP. We also aim for them to get job satisfaction, enjoy seeing all sorts of people and have a thirst for continued education right through their career.

Sometimes they may need to video their surgery but once again the patient is always fully informed before they book and it is always possible to say "no thanks" and the camera is removed. The videos are only used for educational purposes and destroyed when used. It is a really useful educational tool for us, so thanks in advance.

Other Doctors in Training such as "F1" and "F2"

We sometimes have "F1" and "F2" doctors working in the practice. They are qualified doctors and can work independently but will quite often ask their trainer for help. Most of these doctors will eventually be GPs but some will become physicians, surgeons etc.

Dr Jeff Clark, Dr Katharine Alsop, Dr Brian Hanratty, Dr Caroline Perkins and Dr Anne Whitehouse are accredited GP trainers. Our practice was awarded an "A" grade for training at our last inspection.